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Protesters in Berlin call for lifting sanctions on Russia as prices soar

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Berliner gingen am 5. September auf die Straßen der deutschen Hauptstadt, um gegen die Energiepolitik der Regierung zu protestieren und die Aufhebung der Sanktionen gegen Russland zu fordern, um den Anstieg der Energiepreise einzudämmen. Die Demonstranten forderten mit Parolen wie „Open the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline“ und „No NATO“ von der Bundesregierung eine Anpassung ihrer Außenpolitik. Der Verbraucherpreisindex in Deutschland stieg im August um 7,9 Prozent und erreichte damit fast den höchsten Stand der letzten 50 Jahre. Die Energiepreise sind im August um alarmierende 35,6 Prozent gestiegen, was der Hauptgrund für die hohe Inflationsrate in Deutschland ist. Abonnieren Sie uns auf YouTube:
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  1. American Sanctions, American poisonous dollar American Addiction to War , American Conspiracy and American Violence in the name of democracy around the world have destroyed many Countries. Asia and Europe will destroy fully but America will not Suffer.

  2. The revenue of Russian large and medium-sized enterprises for the sanctions period from March to June 2022 increased in annual terms by 19%, to 77.8 trillion rubles. – calculated the analytical service of the audit and consulting network FinExpertiza. However, excluding the oil and gas sector, the growth amounted to only 10.6% – the "oil industry" provided 59% of the total monetary growth. As a result, the financial performance of the non-commodity business failed to outpace inflation.

    Nominal growth in ruble revenue was demonstrated by almost all sectors, with the exception of the hotel and restaurant business and the sphere of culture, sports and entertainment. The cash inflow grew especially noticeably in mining (+43.3% in March-June compared to the same period last year), wholesale and retail trade (+21.3%), construction (+20.3%), agriculture (+ 19.6%), information and communications (+16.1%), manufacturing (+14.4%), education (+14.2%), transportation and storage (+9.4%), healthcare (+8.7%), as well as in the field of administrative activities (+8.6%).

    Recently, the Swedish newspaper Nya Dagbladet published a secret US document. The document itself was prepared by the American analytical agency RAND. The document is dated January of this year. In the document, the authors state that if Russia is influenced through Ukraine, then Russia will be forced to start military operations. And then it will be possible to introduce a long-prepared package of sanctions against Russia. The authors of the document write that the imposed package of sanctions will lead the European economy to "inevitable collapse", which will provoke an outflow of about $9 trillion from Europe to the United States. This will solve the problems of the American economy and the banking system.

    Most of the document itself is devoted to Germany. The authors of the document point to a growing threat from it after Britain left the European Union, as Germany has become more autonomous and is increasing its influence in the European Area. In cooperation with Russia, Germany and the European Union can become not only an economic but also a political rival of the United States. The only way out, according to analysts, could be the complete destruction of all ties with Russia and the immersion of countries such as Germany and France in a powerful economic crisis. For this, as the Swedish newspaper writes, the document proposes to use "useful idiots in Europe." According to the authors of the document, with the help of such "idiots" it is possible to achieve a complete rupture of relations between Germany and Russia and, first of all, a rupture of relations in the field of energy.

    The Slovak thinker and politician, member of the Slovak Parliament from the Slovak National Party, PACE member Sergei Helemendik, in an interview with the Czech and Slovak press in 2014, expressed the opinion: “The EU today is a colony of the United States. This applies not only to sanctions, but literally everything.The goals of US policy in Europe are: centrally through the EU AND EURO CURRENCY to plunder Europe with the help of numerous financial pyramids and frauds, and the main pyramid was and remains the US dollar ; to pit Europe and Russia against each other and cause a new big war that saves the United States, and then write off all its debts FOR WAR, build new Marshall plans, plunge war-torn Europe into a new debt bondage. I want to emphasize this with a thick red line – the United States is openly and purposefully preparing a global war, this is their only alternative for today, and a world war, so that it really is a world war, can only break out in Europe as a clash between Europe and Russia. That is why the attention of thinking people all over the world is riveted to the war in Ukraine, which is conceived as a fuse for the war in Europe.

    He said this in 2014, and apparently he was right.

    The German authorities are "faithful vassals of the United States", completely ignoring the interests of their own country. So said the former chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the Left Party, Oscar Lafontaine, in an article published the day before in the Berliner Zeitung.

  3. ah , let them see their close by neighbour . or better , just let russia retake eastgermany , how would they feel about that ? sorry as their neighbour this type of protests make me sick ! they feel priviliged over ukrainians ? or are they european ? just f-ing save on energy usage . and maybe its because i have a fixed rate . but damn , money over life is not the way . "feiglingen" ! german goverment probably also has plans to cut down prices on energy . instead of letting it grow . so they just have to wait and see . untill your not cut off , just see what our EU goverment has planned for us all to not suffer as much as the ukrainians still do . and you dont , we still see germans on holliday ! drive big cars , happily eat out , and party ( as most still do in the whole of europe ) . yeah , the pinacle of suffering ! or 1st world problems !

  4. People are still saying they can't see that it harms Russia, wtf . So it's okay for Russians to suffer but as soon as they are experiencing inconvenience , it's unacceptable. Well here is the taste of their own medicine.

  5. I always knew that all this nonsense about supporting Ukraine is not true. I really don't understand why impose sanctions against Russia if they don't work. All that the authorities have achieved is to kindle hatred towards us Ukrainians. This became clear even when our refugees left for Europe. And here in Ukraine, on every corner they tell how people around the world support us… Nonsense. It is difficult to be a representative of a nation that is hated. I wanted to work in Europe, it seems now the path is closed. I hope the authorities hear you. There is no need to support Ukraine if people do not want it. This is not fair, it only creates hatred for Ukrainians.

  6. Nato. Backed by.. Usa.. N. The. West. Caused.. This.. Problém. Willing.. N.. 4…a..long..time..with.russa…itd.up.2. The. People. Of. Every. Country. To. Take. Down their goverments.. U. Put. Them Inn. U. Take. Them.. Out.. Goverments only do 2 their. People. What the people. Let's them. Do. An. Get away. With. 😎👍🍷🇮🇪🕊️

  7. USA is back and they are doing absolutely good job , EU is buying LNG from US Companies and the dollar is stronger then Euro, Americans Citizens should shut their mouths & support Joe Biden for making USA on top again, If the EU run out off enargy USA will try to export as much as they can in a good price is a win opportunity ,

  8. Europe is screwed if this keeps going the way it did . How stupid are they that they tried to cap the oil price that Russia didn’t want to sell to them anyway!? The Russian oil has tremendous market in Asia, India and China alone have 2.8 billion people ,that’s 1/3 of the world’s population. Do the math Europe!! 🙄🙄

  9. 70 % of the earth's surface is covered in water. European Petroleum Engineers/Geologists should explore the oceans(Atlantic/Arctic Ocean) for their conventional/unconventional oil/gas potential. Greenland is another prospect. Relying on OPEC+, U.S.A, Canada, etc is an insult to European innovation. In the long term, they should use Nuclear, Geothermal & others.

  10. Don't know what these European leaders are thinking. Not only had they stirred up a conflict in their own neighborhood at someone's behest, they, even listened to someone's crap about threat from the east, as if there are not enough conflicts in the world. Good gracious.

  11. East germany has suddenly forgot how life was under soviet dominans. Guess if you felt alone, you could always count on Stasi to keep an eye out for you. Sure holidays and family visits were restricted to eastern side of the curtain and you could only drive trabbies, but who cared

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