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Nov. 10, 1989: Celebration at the Berlin Wall

„World News“: Peter Jennings berichtet live aus Berlin. .

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  1. i wonder how a wall can come down and everyone hugs and celebrates. they were all so safe and happy. what does it take? they arent in a conflict.

  2. I was 10. Next came the breakup of the Soviet Union. It felt like the 90s were ushering in a new world that would grow into something amazing and beautiful. Then 9/11 happened, and people who wanted a less free, less global world were able to change the course of things. And now with Russia invading Ukraine it feels like we have gone backwards. Right now there are Americans who label any other American who doesn't wear extreme nationalism on their sleeve as a commie, while they admire Putin as a strong leader as he attempts to reunite the Soviet Union. It feels like I'm living in a cult where half the people can see through it but can't convince any of the rest that something awful is happening. I hope all Ukrainians out there are staying strong.

  3. For people today who claim they are communist look at all these excited people to leave that behind so why do you think it will work now someone needs to handout the shares out. So why did my cousins in Poland throw off the shackles maybe because two assholes in mustaches choose their choices

  4. Say goodbye to the Soviet Union, say goodbye to Eastern Germany, say goodbye to the communist leaders. I feel excited to see the reunion of Germany. I believe freedom will come, the freedom and democracy is on the way

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