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My first impressions of life in Berlin 🇩🇪 Do I like it?

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  1. 6:12 laughing in London. Which village you came from girl? In London metro monthly pass can cost up to 300 euros a month! Whilst the cheapest is 165 lol. 90 is a bargain.

  2. I love your smile and how you address in the video:) (Being a person who is now travelling now in Berlin and have been considering whether should move from Frankfurt to Berlin haha)

  3. Cool video but you must not venture far out from the most central, expat- ridden areas. In a lot of berlin you won't find many vegan restaurants at all, and not many people will speak good English. Especially older generations. You're living in your own bubble. I also highly doubt that your fully furnished apartment was "affordable", maybe for your standards

  4. German here, I agree with most of the cons, especially those racist and rude old people. If you are planning to be here for only a year I really don't expect you to learn German. Ugh. And you hit the nail on the head, saying they don't like the young, they are rude to German young people as well, it's just way worse for foreigners.
    Where I don't agree are the taxes and covid measures. We for sure could spend the tax income more efficiently, but I'm happily paying. I come from a poor working class family, and only because Germany has such a tight social security net and free education I had the guts to go to university which got me to where I am today. I work in tech in a Berlin startup now (hehe), making a great salary but without that system I would be a cleaner like my mom (obviously nothing wrong with that, but it's a very different life). I happily pay my taxes knowing the next talented girl from a poor family can do the same as me. Re covid measures, yeah some of it doesn't make sense, but the examples you mentioned do make sense. Groceries are essential to living…of course there shouldn't be measures to get items that literally prevent you from starving. Shopping for cute shoes or going to a bar just doesn't belong in that category and of course can have different measures. And yes if someone is unvaccinated, behaving like a truculent child, denying science and overwhelming the hospitals (which effects healthcare workers but also everyone who needs health care) then sorry, they don't get to go to bars.

  5. Awwww great video! I’m so happy you are enjoying the city!!!
    Also, yes, #freethetoilets 😁 idk if you’ve noticed it, but in my experience, 100% of the toilet ladies are Bulgarian for some reason 😅

  6. Charging to use the BATHROOM?!😳I have so much anxiety hearing that, wow! It sounds like you're enjoying your time in Berlin despite the cons, I would love to check it out one day. You are so radiant, I enjoyed this💕

  7. I absolutely love your video! Just to touch on the tap water point.. i live in France and here they can also charge you for tap water. The rule here is whatever is an expense to the restaurant it should be charged to you. They obviously dont do it but they could. But i totally agree with you.. in 2022 we should be able to get free water in a restaurant.

  8. Loved the video, it was really interesting. Berlin is such a nice mixture of foreign/local so i think that balances well enough the best of both worlds😅

  9. If you wanna pay less taxes then also accept a country that doesnt work on many aspects. Like bad infrastructure, less social benefits etc etc. Like in the Netherlands we pay a lot of taxes but everything also works here and the quality of life is also fanatastic compared to cheaper countries. So your paying tax for a good thing 🙂

  10. Amazing video like always !!! ✨The pandemic has changed a lot of things during the past year. For example, we have a curfew from 10pm-5am, everything is closed on Sunday and the vaccine passport is required everywhere; in restaurants, fitnesses… In Quebec (Canada), soon people who don’t have a third dose of vaccination won’t be able to even go to their non-essential work. Can you make a video of how it is in Berlin with the pandemic and all the health measures?

  11. I think if you compare taxes, costs of living and common services in general, Germany is not that bad. Taxes in the UK might be lower but what about living expenses and other things? Saving taxes in Germany: Get married or buy properties as an investment (use of deductions, tax free sale after 10 years etc). Cool that you like Berlin! Did you encounter people with "Berliner Schnauze"? They might partly be the reason for the rude reputation of Germans. 😀

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